Humankind Group was recently featured in the newly-released book Climate Restoration: The Only Future that Will Sustain the Human Race by Peter Fiekowsky, the Founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Foundation for Climate Restoration. Fiekoswky highlights HKG’s work as an example in his description of industrial manufacturing from waste seaweed (pages 108 to 114). He depicts the significance of the Sargassum Innovation Hub project, a joint project in which Carbonwave is the primary partner, as a platform to develop innovative technologies to process macroalgae into products of value, energy and carbon sequestration mechanisms. In featuring the Sargassum opportunity, Fiekowsky mentions the unique combination of Carbon Wave and HKG’s approach to develop both products of value for specialized markets such as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals and large-scale markets such as energy and biofertilizers.


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