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Highest Awarded Impact.
Our Vision for Change.

Humankind Group’s projects have been awarded for the potential to generate significant development impacts. In fact, our first project was awarded the highest possible score for climate mitigation by WWF and other leading impact organizations. We aim to replicate this level of potential impact in our other project development opportunities around the world.

“This project will have a significant impact. The DFCD Origination facility was designed for projects like this. This project attacks a huge and important issue in India, plus it will help the country radically change how it does business. In my opinion, this truly is a unique agriculture project.”

- Stuart Beavis, Senior Advisor Green Finance at the

Dutch Fund for Climate and Development      

Cascading Impact for Generations.

Humankind Group’s solutions are designed to generate the greatest amount of potential impact. Importantly, we aim to develop ecosystems with cascading impact – whereby the benefits of the project extend beyond the immediate project operations or stakeholders. Instead, we hope the solution will generate cascading impacts and act as a platform for change in conventional systems. Approaching problems from a perspective of scale can enable a series of impacts at the community, regional or even global level.

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Rooted Impact Frameworks

We work with leading impact organizations and verification bodies to ensure our communicated impact is based on structured frameworks and validated evidence. By relying on outside organizations to determine and verify our impact, we can objectively evaluate the ability for our programs to create change.


Human Centered Design

We aim to create solutions in which technology, humans, and nature work harmoniously to create change. The derived impact measurement is not limited to a technology or program; instead, communities and stakeholders are encouraged to design, drive, and own the solutions they are interacting with.

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