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Beyond 2030

Solutions for a new world.

Humankind Group brings together leading companies, foundations, NGOs, governments, and individuals to develop novel, long-term solutions to the current problems threatening humanity and our planet. We are optimistic that human ingenuity and a collective sense of purpose, coupled with innovative technologies, can solve the environmental crisis and other major problems impacting quality of life and the condition of our planet. We focus our work on the development and acceleration of businesses that meet the following development criteria:

 Commercially Viable 

We believe the most effective way to address climate change and other key threats and issues facing humanity is to focus on the development of businesses and ecosystems that are commercially viable—for the simple reason that large scale solutions will require large amounts of capital. Our objective is to deliver programs that will not only provide solutions in the near-term, but also address the long-term needs of the communities and environments in which we work. Importantly, Humankind Group is also active in the nonprofit sector through mechanisms to support community ownership of climate solutions.

 Globally Scalable 

Humankind Group focuses on solutions with global impact. To achieve the objectives outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals and Glasgow Summit, it is important that high impact businesses and ecosystems are replicable and rapidly scalable worldwide. We focus on developing programs and projects that are inherently global, so our solutions are designed to meet these scale requirements. Scale opportunities also allow Humankind Group and its partners to deploy capital and resources more efficiently to maximize our impact.

 Ecosystem Model

It is our responsibility to think in holistic terms; the world’s commercial sector cannot continue to focus on single-solution technologies or short-term, quick fixes. In our work, Humankind group aims to connect organizations, technologies and solutions that otherwise would not have collaborated to accomplish a singular, scalable goal. In certain cases, we create innovation hubs that facilitate the development of commercial ecosystems consisting of multiple companies and organizations working in concert to deliver products and services of value to the marketplace. By working together, we decrease frictional costs, increase opportunities for scale and accelerate the global transition to a sustainable future.

 Uniquely Impactful

All the programs Humankind Group develops are designed to deliver unique Sustainable Development impacts. From the beginning of each project, our ecosystem model accounts for the cumulative impacts in each operational area. In the end, Humankind Group desires to create “cascading” impact whereby our direct project or program creates a series of additional impacts for participating stakeholders and communities.

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