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Haydar H. Al Sahtout

Venture Partner, Middle East

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Haydar Alsahtout leads the Humankind Group’s business development efforts in the middle east as a Venture Partner for the “blue” economy. He is a C-level, corporate strategy & business development specialist with cross-functional experience in a series of industries. Haydar pioneered the introduction of the concept of the “Blue Bioeconomy” to the Middle East and has accumulated more than thirty years of experience in the “bio-marine,” aquaculture and algae production industries in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia.


Prior to Humankind Group, Haydar led the development of the world’s largest “Blue Bioeconomy” Program in Saudi Arabia in partnership with various official organizations, industry leaders and R&D institutions from the USA, Japan, Europe, and Asia.


Earlier in his career, the World Bank selected Haydar’s aquaculture development plan and Saudi-industrial investment vehicle in Malaysia as one of the nation’s most promising business models to achieve the “2020 Vision Plan” for the county. Subsequently, Haydar actively participated in the development of one of the world’s largest, fully integrated Aquaculture operations in the Middle East. Additionally, he chaired the official Saudi National Fisheries Development Plan – the first of its kind in that region. In continuing this work, Haydar chaired Saudi Fisheries Delegations to Europe, Australia and the USA. He also led the largest private fisheries organization and other businesses in the Middle East.


Haydar is well respected in the “blue economy sector” having participated as a moderator, speaker, or member in exhibitions in 40 countries around the world including conferences organized by the UN, EU, WAS, GAA, NACA, FAORNE, INFOFISH, RICOFI, ABO, FPI, GFIA.


Haydar’s successful career is based on his strong belief that the “Blue Bioeconomy” and “BioMarine” industries can significantly contribute to the Middle East and Northern Africa’s Sustainable Development and climate objectives.


Hydar holds a Bachelor of Science in Petrolume Geology from King Abd Al Aziz University.

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