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A Bold Mission. We're here to improve the quality of human life and the condition of our planet.

Humankind Group employs a holistic approach to our work, developing technology-based, human-centric ecosystems that have the power to significantly contribute to our global climate objectives, address adverse environmental and human health impacts, increase sustainable food production and enable equitable social and economic development opportunities.

Our Services

Our Vision. A future where humanity, the planet, and technology work in harmony.

We truly believe in the extraordinary capacity of human beings to reverse the damage we have done to our planet, and build a future in harmony with nature, dramatically improving human quality of life and planetary health.

Impactful. Scalable. Profitable.

Humankind Group brings together governments, NGOs, companies and individuals to contribute to the world’s 2030 climate goals, and to develop longer-term solutions to problems threatening humanity and our planet. Combining our vision with industry-leading specialists and state-of-the-art technology, we develop impact-driven, scalable solutions to improve human wellbeing and planetary health.

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Opportunity. This we do together

Though the current challenges to humanity and our planet are significant and far-reaching, we are hopeful. Through human ingenuity we have the opportunity to turn the tide. No one person or business can solve the environmental crisis. Instead, we must connect across continents to create mass solutions that are impactful, scalable, and sustainable.

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Waste-to-Value Programs

Renewable Energy Program Development

Innovation Hub Development

Advanced Food Production

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Algae Production and Processing

Sustainable Investment Vehicle Development

Sustainable Product Production

Land Restoration

Urgency. We must catalyze global action in climate change.

Climate change and human impact on the natural world is the greatest threat to humanity. The dangers and issues we face are daunting: climate change, food security, deterioration of natural resources, untenable environmental destruction, and profound income inequality. We are out of time. 

Old systems must be transformed into radical vehicles for change. Despite these threats, Humankind Group remains optimistic. In alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we develop solutions that pragmatically and effectively address several interrelated challenges to humanity and our planet including:

Partners. The world is transformed by working together.

Partnering with global leaders in climate change and sustainable development programs enables us to implement, test and redefine our solutions for greatest impact. Our partners align with our values and ethos and believe in the remarkable capacity of human ingenuity to solve complex problems.

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